Online couple psychotherapy & individual analysis

Supervision & consultancy     -     teaching & writing

What I offer

I offer online psychotherapy or analysis to individuals and couples,  supervision and consultation to clinicians, as well as teaching/lecturing and research supervision. The therapy I offer is based on the understanding that there are aspects of ourselves that we are not always aware of and which have an impact upon the ways we relate to ourselves and to others. These can lead to patterns of relating that affect our capacity to deal with our pasts, the way that we live and feel in the present, and so what is possible for us in our future. Therapy, whether as an individual or as a couple, offers you the space to get to know, understand, and change these.

The supervision I offer is based similarly on the idea of developing an individual response to the work, rather than forcing you to fit rigidly to a theory.

I teach and lecture internationally and have written and published extensively. I am based in North London but accessible online and I am registered in the UK with the British Psychoanalytic Council and with the International  Association for Analytical Psychology.

My qualifications

I am a Consultant Couple Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist and a Jungian Training Analyst, having trained at Tavistock Relationships and at the Society of Analytical Psychology in London in the 1990s. 

I have a post-qualifying research Doctorate in couple psychoanalytic psychotherapy and I have over 30 years of experience of providing therapy to individuals and couples.

I worked at Tavistock Relationships for more than 26 years as a clinician, trainer, researcher and manager as well as continuing in private practice with individuals and couples.

My background

I have a background in work with under-5s and their families and in adult mental health social work, training and consultancy, prior to moving to Tavistock Relationships in the mid 1990s.

 I have extensive experience of teaching and training psychotherapists in this country and abroad. I developed the Integrative form of Couple Therapy that is used as a treatment for depression in the UK NHS. I ran Tavistock Relationships' Doctoral programme in Couple Psychotherapy as well as its clinical training in couple psychoanalytic psychotherapy. I was Head of Research and Ethics there for many years. I was elected as a Senior Fellow in 2023.

My specialisations

I work with individuals and couples of any ethnicity, class, or sexual orientation and I have a particular interest in links between creativity and the capacity to relate to others. I am aware that social demands, pressures and discriminations have an effect on our inner worlds, and that these also need to be acknowledged.

As a clinician and as a psychotherapy researcher, I understand that different people need different emphases in their therapy and I adapt the way I work to match this, while keeping within my training and qualifications. If I think you will be better helped by a different style of therapy, I will tell you.